GlobalHAB new website launched

The new GlobalHAB website is launched !

From the website:

“The Global Harmful Algal Blooms (GlobalHAB) Programme is an international scientific programme on harmful algal blooms (HABs). It is aimed at fostering and promoting co-operative research directed toward improving the understanding and prediction of HAB events, and providing scientific knowledge to manage and mitigate their impacts against the background of global changes in climate, and increased anthropogenic pressures on aquatic ecosystems. GlobalHAB will address the scientific and societal challenges of HABs through the application of advanced and cost-effective technologies, training and capacity building, with a multidisciplinary approach. It will also build linkages with broader science domains (climatology, toxicology, economy, medicine, public health), emphasize social science communications and address management priorities. GlobalHAB will operate for 10 years from 2016 to 2025.”