ICHA2018 Session: Mitigation of HABs and water treatment technologies

A Session on Mitigation of HABs and water treatment technologies is chaired by   Petra VISSER (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) / Triantafyllos KALOUDIS (EYDAP SA, Greece) – Session co-chairs*: Jean-François HUMBERT / Anthony MASSE,  within ICHA2018  in Nantes (21 to 26 October 2018).

Session description:

This session will focus (i) on the different approaches allowing to prevent and control blooms of toxic algae and cyanobacteria in natural and artificial environments, (ii) on the technologies allowing to remove cyanobacteria, cyanotoxins and odor-causing compounds in drinking water treatment and (iii) technologies treating ships’ ballast waters. From a more global point of view, issues on the sustainable managment of natural ecosystems can be approached during this session and joint communications between environmental and social sciences will be encouraged.

The deadline for abstract submission is now extended to 1 May 2018 !!!

See the list of session topics of ICHA2018.

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